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Boot Camp Fat Blast Workout from FITNESSRx.com

This is a Boot Camp Fat Blast Workout we are doing on Wednesdays…

Do everything one time thru then start at the beginning for up to 3 x total


  • Burpees x 15
  • Push ups 10
  • Mountain Climbers 50


  • Squat/kettle bell raise 15
  • Pop squat onto a step 15 (straddle step, hop up to it and off)
  • Dips 15-20


  • Bench Jumps 30 seconds
  • Bent over rows 15
  • Walking weighted lunges 10 forward, 10 backwards


  • Toe taps on a bench 50
  • 21’s with a barbell or dumbbells 1 set of 21 reps (curls)
  • Jump Squats


Finish with 10-15 minutes of abs

  • Bosu crunches oblique’s and flutter scissors


  • towels below feet on hard floor
  • Body Saw: 15 reps (plank on arms(on pad is fine) slide backwards and forwards)
  • Windshield Wiper: 10, per leg (plank, straight arm, spread legs out one at a time, then back together)
  • Opposite: 8 per side (towel on hand, and opposite foot. Move out arm, then leg, then arm, then leg, etc..like mountain climbers)
  • Side Opposites: 8 per side (same as above, but arms and legs individually out to the side each)




Burpees:  Begin in standing position with feet about shoulder-width apart. Quickly drop down to the floor, place hands on floor and throw your legs behind you to land in push-up position. Use your abs to pull your legs up towards your chest and stand up quickly. Repeat.

Pushups:  Place hands on outer edges of core board or on the floor. Place your feet out behind you with your feet together. Keep your back straight and core tight throughout the movement. Slowly lower your body to about 3-5 inches from the floor with your elbows out to the side. Push up to starting position. If this is too difficult, you may drop to your knees and perform the movement exactly the same from there.

Mountain Climbers:  With both hands and feet on the floor, bring one leg up toward your chest and tap the floor. Quickly move that foot back to starting position and bring the opposite leg up to the chest and tap the floor. Imagine doing high knees but on the floor with hands placed firmly on the ground below your shoulders. Move quickly from leg to leg.

Squat/Kettle bell Front Raise:  Standing in squat position, hold the kettlebell or dumbbells in front of you between your legs. Slowly perform a squat. Remember to keep your chest out and back straight. On the ascent, use your momentum to lift the dumbbells up to about shoulder level in a front raise movement. Control the weight back to starting position while moving into the next rep.

Pop Squats on to Step:  Place step or low bench perpendicular to you in front of you. Stand over the step with one leg on either side of the step. Squat down and jump up on to the step with feet landing together on step. Repeat quickly.

Dips on Bench:  Place a bench behind you. Sit on the bench and place hands on the bench at your sides with your fingers curling down the front of the bench. Move your feet forward so that your butt is hanging off the bench. Slowly lower your arms so that your elbows bend to about 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your elbows back and not out to the sides. Push your body up using your triceps. Repeat.

Bench Jumps: Place a low bench or step in front of you. Keep feet about shoulder-width apart and cross your arms at your chest or place hands on your hips. Jump on to the bench from your heels and then back down fluidly. Repeat. Try to land light on your feet.

Bent Over Rows:  Using dumbbells or a straight barbell, hold the weight in front of you about shoulder-width apart, maybe a little wider. Stand with feet just wider than shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees slightly, bend at the waist forward, being sure to keep your back completely straight with no curve whatsoever. Hold the weight down in front of you and use your back to row the weight up toward your lower abdomen. Imagine pinching your shoulder blades together while pulling the weight to your lower abs. Slowly lower the weight and repeat.

Walking lunges (weighted):  Hold dumbbells at your sides or place a straight bar across your shoulders. Step forward and lunge down. Remember to keep your chest out and back straight throughout the exercise. Keeping your core tight will help you perform this move correctly. Alternate legs and “walk” lunges across the room.

Toe Taps on Bench:  Place a low bench or step in front of you. Place arms crossed at chest or hands on hips. Lift your foot to tap your toe on the edge of the step and quickly alternate between legs using a slight jump to move fast. Repeat for reps.

21s with a Barbell or Dumbbell:  Hold barbell or dumbbell with palms facing up in front of you. Curl the weight half way up for 7 reps (from the bottom of the movement to the middle), then curl the weight from the middle of the movement to the top for 7 reps, then curl the weight the entire range of motion for 7 reps. That is equivalent to one set. Always remember to keep your chest out, shoulders back and core tight throughout this exercise.

Jump Squats:  Place feet just wider than shoulder-width apart. Place hands crossed at chest. Squat down and jump up quickly. Land light on your feet and repeat. Be sure to stick your butt out and imagine you’re looking for a bench behind you when squatting. Use your heels to push up in to the jump. Repeat for reps.



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