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Great MealPrep Article

Hey, it’s the New Year! Woot!

I’ve had a few people reach out to me about meal prep, which I love.

I just came across an article that I thought was great too, wanted to share!




Happy Meal Prepping!

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Guest post: Meal prep anyone?

Check out my guest blog post on Scootadoot.com today! ūüôā

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Checking in

Wow. It’s been a while. Shame on me!

Still going strong. I’m on a long path. It’s taken me a while to be able to¬†admit that¬†and I *think* I’m OK with it… I don’t have much of a choice. I can do things the quick and unhealthy way, or I can do them my way. My long path is a one way street with no off ramps. So here I am. ūüôā

I am going to succeed

Tomorrow, my friends over at Scootadoot.com will be publishing a guest blog post that I wrote on Meal Prepping. EEK. Somehow, somewhere, this became my thing.¬† I am not a nutritionist, so I hope people keep that in mind. I’m also not a writer, so hopefully there aren’t too many grammatical errors and such.

I do hope people find it easy to read though and that when they’re finished, they want to go out and do it themselves.¬† I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it a million times more. It’s much easier than it looks!¬†¬† Here’s this week’s… Yum!


Speaking of food… My thoughts about nutrition are changing. Or maybe¬†it’s¬†more accurate to say they’re evolving.¬† There is so much information out there and it’s all so overwhelming!¬† I used to think I had to eat so “clean” to make a difference in my body comp.¬† I’ve always paid close attention to my protein and carbs.¬† I’ve kept an eye on my calories and tried to keep my fat on the lower end.¬†I’ve stayed away from¬†certain foods, I’ve incorporated “super foods” into¬†our diet. For the most part, I like the way we eat.¬†Real food. (not relying¬†on shakes and protein bars – although I LOVE the Quest bars.. I won’t lie…)¬† But, I still want to have a bowl of ice cream¬†every now and then. (There’s always room for ice cream…. )

My main goal is to get my body fat % down without compromising the baby muscles that I’ve been¬†building. With that said, it’s¬†been pretty hard¬†for me to figure out what¬†my numbers should look like.¬†¬†¬†I follow several people on Instagram for motivation and many of them live a “flexible dieting” lifestyle and really like the idea behind it.¬† One account I follow in particular led me to a woman named Krissy Mae Cagney. She wrote a book that I’ve found to be the most helpful so far¬†called: ¬†¬†flex*i*ble dieting¬†which can be found here: flex*I*ble dieting

I love that she’s an actual nutritionist and¬†her “no BS” approach.¬† I love the way she explains how to figure out macro’s. I love her story. She’s got me fired up and I’m really excited to get going on this. I am making a plan. Watch out!

Other than that, we’ve ran a few times since I last posted. (Hover over the Running tab to see the dates)¬† I am scheduled for 4 more half marathons this year still, and the 3-Day.¬†¬† Not sure if I’ll sign up for more than that. Maybe a 10K or something. That actually sounds refreshing…..

medals july 2014

Pretty sure there are 24 medals here.  I think I need a new display rack. O___o

How are you? ūüôā

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Food check in

What a week. And it’s only Wednesday! Ha!

Lower carb has been going OK…. I’ve lost a couple of lbs, but to be frank – I had gained a few because we’ve been slacking on the weekends a little more than I’d like to admit. So….

You know what our lunches look like for this week.

Here are the other things I’ve been eating. I’ve been pretty full, so I need to figure out a way next week to have less food and higher macros all around or something..


Omgosh. The egg is awesome. Definitely making these every week. Mark even sent me a text about how much he loved it. ūüôā

Not sure I want to give up having greek yogurt in the morning because the high protein in it and low calories, but if my weight doesn’t move and I need to cut out more carbs, I will. (or will try to find a lower carb yogurt maybe)¬† Same with the English muffin. *sobs* Might have to find a lower carb one there too. I’ve cut it down to 1/2 for now.


  • 415 calories
  • 36 carbs
  • 17 fat
  • 23 protein







Ground Turkey with Italian seasoning, 1 egg white (hard boiled), asparagus and a half of an avocado. 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese.


  • 443 calories
  • 28 carbs
  • 18 fat
  • 47 protein



Morning snack (before lunch just out of order here)

This was a bit much (I was so full), but I put everything into MFP in the morning so I add and subtract where necessary to get to my numbers for the day..

  • Ostrim stick
  • 1 hard boiled egg white
  • 1 baybel light mini cheese

Protein Shake:

  • 1 scoop chocolate dymatize elite whey
  • 2Tbsp PB2
  • 2 raw egg whites
  • ice and water


  • 339 calories
  • 11 carb
  • 8 fat
  • 56 protein

low carb snack



Leftover from Easter Dinner…

Ham (really lean and pretty low sodium for ham), Asparagus and 1 very small red potato with Brummel and Brown Spread


  • 250 calories
  • 26 carb
  • 7 fat
  • 13 protein

ham dinner

Afternoon snack was a Mango Shake:

  • 1 scoop Dymatize Vanilla Protein powder
  • 3/4 cup frozen mango
  • 1 packet orange crystal light and water


  • 169 calories
  • 13 carbs
  • 0 fat
  • 26 protein

Evening Snack:

  • 1 TBSP almond butter
  • 2 string cheese


  • 260 calories
  • 5 carb
  • 21 fat
  • 14 protein

For the day:

  • 1900 calories
  • 119 carbs
  • 74 fat
  • 188 protein


Lifted in the morning. Last day of Monday’s on the program we’re doing. I’m ready to be done. A month of the same program is BORING.¬† Ready to switch things up a bit!



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Meal Strategy

It seems like no matter what I do, things are going MUCH slower than I’d like them to go, so I’m switching things up for a while.

I know that everything takes time, but c’mon!

For the next few weeks, I’m going to try to go a bit lower carb than I have been in a while.

I’ve followed a very strict low carb diet in the past, and I’ll admit, I enjoyed it.¬† But, with as much running as I do, I still need to make sure that I’m getting enough carbs as well.

Also,¬† summer is coming and I LOVE fruit on a hot day. I love fruit in my shakes, I love grabbing an apple and munching when I get hungry. So I need to get this done with and see how I can eat mostly low carb, with fruit being my main source of carbs when it starts to get hot out…

I’m not talking anything drastic. I still eat around 2000 calories a day. Working out 6 days a week, I’m really supposed to be having more than that, but as I’ve said before.. That scares the shit out of me.¬† My relationship with food has improved so much over the past couple of years, but not that much.

So, my meal prep this week for me is lean meat and veggies.¬† Also, eggs of course and I’ll play around with everything else.


But first….. I’ll be enjoying Easter Weekend.¬† And some Thai food with my honey. ūüôā

Get. In. Mah. Belly.







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Can I just say without sounding stupid that I’m pretty happy that my calves are starting to look like calves?

calves 041514

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that keep me going.¬† ūüôā

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Sometimes the best weekends are…..

Just full of a bunch of “nothings” — Does that make sense?

Friday night – I hate cooking. That’s why I meal prep so much… (well, that and the health benefits of course.) – We went out to Pizza.¬† I love Pizza. I think I could eat Pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all of my snacks.¬† There are so many variations – it’s just so.. Gah! Why is pizza so unhealthy? ūüė¶

Anyways. I digress. We went to Farelli’s.. Had Greek Pizza and it was divine.

Saturday, I woke up knowing that Mark had a 15 mile training run to do, and thought I should probably get off my ass and do something also, so I put on my running shoes and went for a 5 mile run.¬† It still blows me away that I can wake up and think that a 5 mile run is “easy.”¬† I literally say “eeh, it’s just 5 miles.”¬† Who am I???

hill run

We have an awesome trail system, so I do most of my outside runs on it.

(I stole Mark’s hat and it was a perfect #fmsphotooftheday prompt… hehe



Got home from the run and when Mark got home from his, we went and ran some errands. I knew he was going to be so hungry when we got home, so when I got home from my run, I had a Vanilla/Mango Shake.  It was perfect.


We went to Mama Stortini’s for lunch. I had a plain ole cheeseburger. I hadn’t had one in so long, it was perfect. We started off with this little diddy though. OMG.

omg artichoke

I had received a notification the other day that “MY” shoes were being discontinued, so I knew that I needed to get another pair. They’re so freaking expensive though! *cough*$150*cough* so I knew that it was going to hurt. I don’t know about you, but when I find something I love though, I have to have it 907 times. With the amount of Half Marathons and my 3-day coming up though, I knew I would get my money’s worth. I was just keeping my fingers crossed they’d have a pair still!¬†¬†I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. They had a pair. And I may or may not have shed a tear a little that this is my last pair.

Sunday, I did the adult thing and did laundry, purged my closet ( I had 3 bags of clothes to get rid of Woot!! ) and then did my meal prep:

0406 meal prep

Here’s what’s on this week’s menu:

  • Chicken or Ground Turkey
  • Asparagus or Green Beans
  • Spaghetti Squash or Sweet Potatoes
  • Quinoa/Rice
  • Fresh Pico
  • Watermelon, Strawberries, Hard Boiled Eggs.

These are lunches.

Dinners will be lettuce wraps with taco meat and pico or spaghetti squash with ground beef and tomatoes

Needed to switch things up a little… I hope the spaghetti squash turns out Ok when nuking it! I’m worried about the liquid. Although, it could be a good thing..


Have a great week!




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Thursday Thoughts

Is it me, or has this week gone kind of fast? Now that I’ve said that though, today will creep by.

I’m taking a quick break to get some thoughts down.

We FINALLY started following Jamie Eason’s plan.¬† One thing I loved about working with a trainer was that I was able to just get up and go to the gym. He would tell me what to do. I didn’t have to think about anything!¬† If something hurt,¬†he’d¬†show me another way to work the same muscles.¬†If¬†it wasn’t challenging enough, he’d push me to make it more challenging.

Since I’m not working with him any longer, I’ve become the unofficial (and definitely not qualified to be) trainer.¬† For a while, I was just using B’s stuff. I’ve kept everything over the past couple of years. But it’s just so much work trying to figure out a “plan” to follow without getting bored, etc…¬† So, a while ago, I found the Jamie Eason page and decided it was perfect. Now we’re following something that’s already laid out for us.¬† Well… we’re following it for the most part.¬†¬† Some of the days, there just isn’t enough meat to the program.¬† So, I’m making sure first that I’m lifting as heavy as I can, and I’ve added a couple things here and there.

Also, since I’ve pretty much stopped going to the gym in the afternoon every day, *gasp* I didn’t make the “big” board!¬† …. Some of the days I’m adding some cardio.¬† Mostly very steep incline on the treadmill walking.¬†This will help my running for sure.


Day one and day two, I was solo as Mark was out of town. I was sore after day 2, so that made me happy.¬† She has a “rest” day on Wednesday, but I decided we’d do a boot camp instead on Wednesdays.

Looking forward to seeing results!


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March 2014 Check In

I didn’t make the “big board” this month.¬† LOL!

0314ckin 031414ckin

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Self Esteem

Aaaaahhhh…. The beginning of the week.

Weekends are tough. We typically sleep in, and IF I go to the gym, it’s Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend, typically nothing.¬† Well, Sunday I’m on my feet all day doing grown up stuff around the house, but that doesn’t count.

On top of that, we don’t typically stay on point food wise like we do during the week. Sigh.¬†¬† Sometimes we go out to dinner Friday night, or maybe Saturday night. Or *gasp* both Friday AND Saturday.¬† We also typically see a movie, and there is no such thing as a movie without popcorn, soda and Swedish Fish or Milk Duds.¬† Nope.

Ok, I might be over exaggerating a little bit, but it FEELS like that every weekend.

Still, when Monday comes around, my self loathing is through the roof.


This is the next big area I need to work on. My self esteem.

i need self esteem


It’s all me.¬†¬†My husband¬†loves me no matter what and always has.¬† This has been wonderful but also when I really think about it, I think¬†it’s held me back too.¬† (definitely NOT blaming him for anything, don’t get me wrong) I think when you have someone that constantly supports you, it helps you feel better about yourself.¬† (even if deep down you’re not feeling good)¬† — That makes it a little easier to slip, or not stay on track,¬† or to just not see what’s really REAL… (As in, holy shit, was I really THAT¬†overweight?!)¬†— At least it did for me.¬† It helped add one more thing to the list of excuses I’d make to myself about why I couldn’t stay on track.

Since my mind has been a little more clear about¬†reality, I’m having a little harder time hearing the truth or believing what’s being told to me.¬† I’m told¬†things but see something different when I look in the mirror.¬†This is all me.

With that said, I NEED to improve the way I see myself.

Self Esteem

How am I going to do this?¬† This is what I’m working on this week.¬† I hope, by the end of the week to have a plan.

My initial idea is a Saturday Self Esteem post.¬† A post dedicated to one thing that happened each day of the week that was good for my self esteem.¬† It makes me feel like it will be a braggy post, which I’m not happy about but if it’s what I need to do, then it’s what I need to do…

I’ll let you know soon….


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