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Thursday Thoughts

Is it me, or has this week gone kind of fast? Now that I’ve said that though, today will creep by.

I’m taking a quick break to get some thoughts down.

We FINALLY started following Jamie Eason’s plan.  One thing I loved about working with a trainer was that I was able to just get up and go to the gym. He would tell me what to do. I didn’t have to think about anything!  If something hurt, he’d show me another way to work the same muscles. If it wasn’t challenging enough, he’d push me to make it more challenging.

Since I’m not working with him any longer, I’ve become the unofficial (and definitely not qualified to be) trainer.  For a while, I was just using B’s stuff. I’ve kept everything over the past couple of years. But it’s just so much work trying to figure out a “plan” to follow without getting bored, etc…  So, a while ago, I found the Jamie Eason page and decided it was perfect. Now we’re following something that’s already laid out for us.  Well… we’re following it for the most part.   Some of the days, there just isn’t enough meat to the program.  So, I’m making sure first that I’m lifting as heavy as I can, and I’ve added a couple things here and there.

Also, since I’ve pretty much stopped going to the gym in the afternoon every day, *gasp* I didn’t make the “big” board!  …. Some of the days I’m adding some cardio.  Mostly very steep incline on the treadmill walking. This will help my running for sure.


Day one and day two, I was solo as Mark was out of town. I was sore after day 2, so that made me happy.  She has a “rest” day on Wednesday, but I decided we’d do a boot camp instead on Wednesdays.

Looking forward to seeing results!


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March 2014 Check In

I didn’t make the “big board” this month.  LOL!

0314ckin 031414ckin

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Self Esteem

Aaaaahhhh…. The beginning of the week.

Weekends are tough. We typically sleep in, and IF I go to the gym, it’s Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend, typically nothing.  Well, Sunday I’m on my feet all day doing grown up stuff around the house, but that doesn’t count.

On top of that, we don’t typically stay on point food wise like we do during the week. Sigh.   Sometimes we go out to dinner Friday night, or maybe Saturday night. Or *gasp* both Friday AND Saturday.  We also typically see a movie, and there is no such thing as a movie without popcorn, soda and Swedish Fish or Milk Duds.  Nope.

Ok, I might be over exaggerating a little bit, but it FEELS like that every weekend.

Still, when Monday comes around, my self loathing is through the roof.


This is the next big area I need to work on. My self esteem.

i need self esteem


It’s all me.  My husband loves me no matter what and always has.  This has been wonderful but also when I really think about it, I think it’s held me back too.  (definitely NOT blaming him for anything, don’t get me wrong) I think when you have someone that constantly supports you, it helps you feel better about yourself.  (even if deep down you’re not feeling good)  — That makes it a little easier to slip, or not stay on track,  or to just not see what’s really REAL… (As in, holy shit, was I really THAT overweight?!) — At least it did for me.  It helped add one more thing to the list of excuses I’d make to myself about why I couldn’t stay on track.

Since my mind has been a little more clear about reality, I’m having a little harder time hearing the truth or believing what’s being told to me.  I’m told things but see something different when I look in the mirror. This is all me.

With that said, I NEED to improve the way I see myself.

Self Esteem

How am I going to do this?  This is what I’m working on this week.  I hope, by the end of the week to have a plan.

My initial idea is a Saturday Self Esteem post.  A post dedicated to one thing that happened each day of the week that was good for my self esteem.  It makes me feel like it will be a braggy post, which I’m not happy about but if it’s what I need to do, then it’s what I need to do…

I’ll let you know soon….


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Meal Planning Monday

This is a GREAT blog post about meal planning!

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March Event 3/28/14

What an awesome night!

This year was at Emerald Downs instead of GRCC, and boy, was the change apparent!

Lots more tables which means lots more guests.

It’s always been a classy event, but this one was really nice!

march event before 2014 march event collage mnt

fun pimp march event


More to come when we find out how much $$ was raised. 🙂

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Dallas Rock n Roll Half



We had a great weekend.  A little get a way of sorts… Stayed with Shawnna and Kellan. Really enjoyed their company!

It was also Shawnna’s first half marathon, and she did GREAT! Her goal was 3:10, and she did it in 2:59!! Woot!

I knew that I had a chance to set a PR also, and really took advantage of the flat course. As a result, I did set a PR by almost 2 minutes. 🙂  Kinda proud of myself.

Mark did great also. No PR, but he felt great and really enjoyed the great course!  Click HERE to see it

Here is a link to the photos. Enjoy!

We’ll be back for this one… It was a good one!

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Friday.. Friday..

We made it! Yay!

Slept in this morning, but today I’m sitting on my trusty ball. Also did an at home ab work out this morning. Not the same as going to the gym itself, but I really need to lay off a little I think. (don’t want to, but need to)  My injuries are starting to affect everything and rest is the only thing that’s helping. BOO.  Damn elbows and shoulder.

Speaking of that…. Shoulder has been feeling better. This week I worked on some upper body. Lots of push ups, and light weight shoulder presses. I did not do any standing rows, but bent over and sitting didn’t hurt too bad. It was very encouraging.  I also made sure that I did a lot of stretching through my work outs. If I go to the squat rack, have the safety bar on the third hole from the bottom it’s the right height to do a great stretch for my lat’s.  It also pulls my shoulder out a little, and if it pop!’s then I’m good to go for a while. Gross, I know but it works.   Also, the bands have been my friend lately. I feel like I’m going backwards though. UGH.

Elbows, same. Well, not the popping thing. I’ve been icing a little (not as much as I should be, but anything is better than nothing, right?) Ibuprofin…Ibuprofin….Ibuprofin. Popping those like they’re candy.

One more thing, I’ve raised my laptop to see if that helps. Typing is the culprit, exercise compounds it all, but I need to help it somewhere. Not typing is not an option.

I really feel like my cleaner eating is starting to show. Well, I can notice the difference anyways. And deep down, that’s all that matters.  I definitely feel better.  Also, I ordered a couple dresses for a few events we have coming up with the intent of keeping one and returning the other.  I like them both, so I’m keeping them both! I absolutely despise trying on clothes and I hate getting dressed up.  So this was huge for me.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go out for a run. Planning on a minimum of 5.  (***I ended up running 8….)  We have our Dallas Rock n Roll half marathon next weekend. I should probably hit the pavement at least once before that event… Even if it is a flat course… 🙂


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