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Weekend recap

What a weekend. They sure do go fast!

Friday night, we decided to forego the gym. We did go in the morning so it was all good. In fact, Brandon really killed me with a kettlebell workout. I have the bruises to prove it. Yikes! On both arms.  I’m such a badass. 🙂  Mark will do that workout when he’s back from AZ. After I’ve done it and mastered it, of course. 🙂  I really hate that my last session with B is on Wednesday. The next 10 days are going to be a good test for me. Can I push myself? Ugh.


Saturday, we made plans to go to the hockey game.  I got up in the morning and went to the gym. Lifted, and it felt great to move some weight around. I love Saturday mornings in there. There are a ton of people, but they’re either on the cardio machines or in a class. This means I can follow the order that I put together of my workouts. I get cranky if I have to change things around.

Finished up, went home and had to go help T move Girl Scout Cookies boxes. Holy second workout!  Felt good though. Especially because I was really looking forward to going out to dinner. I just really wanted a hamburger.

gs2 gs cookies

The hockey game was ok. No fights. boo!

Sunday, I planned on resting.  LOL

Got up in the morning, ran to Costco to get some staples and when I came home, I decided I wasn’t ready to rest yet so I told Mark I was going for a walk. I planned on walking to Lake Wilderness and back. Except, when I started walking I decided to start running instead. I ran a bit, walked a bit, etc.. down just past the lake and back. Then decided to walk up the hill in Maple Woods, and run back home.  Turns out, the entire trip was 7.3 miles. I ran at least 4 of those miles. I really needed that. We have a half in a few weeks, and I haven’t been running. So it felt good. 🙂  It was raining, so that was fun. haha

7 point 3 rest day

Finished up, got a nice shower in and started my food prep for the week. With Mark leaving Wednesday, I know I’ll need to be SPOT ON with everything. It’s so easy to “cheat” when there’s nobody around to keep you on track. I really want to take advantage of my momentum. So food prep went well!

meal prep 022314

Overall, it was a great weekend. It went way to fast, as always. There is really no slowing down time anymore.

Must take full advantage of every second!


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