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Unplanned rest days – err…. Mornings…

I am getting over a pretty nasty cold. Well, it’s pretty nasty for me. I just don’t get sick anymore. (Thanks Advocare) I guess I should take some credit for that too actually. A clean diet and lots of exercise means I’m pretty healthy these days. 🙂

But this morning, when my alarm went off at 5, I reset it for 6.
At 6, I hit snooze.
Then I hit snooze again.
One more time.
Next thing I know, it’s 7:00 and Mark’s just about walking out the door.

Since I work from home, it’s OK because I have the shortest commute ever, and I don’t even have to get dressed if I don’t want to. But now I’m going to go through the day feeling bad that I didn’t go to the gym this morning. I need cold meds so I can breathe, and I am pretty sore today. We did a bunch of jumping yesterday and I’m pretty sure that’s why. I went back to the gym later in the afternoon for a quick cycle ride. I needed to move after sitting all day! I will be doing a full hour this evening on the elliptical likely. No lifting today for me. Boo.

I’ll also be sitting on my ball today. Nothing like getting a core workout without even thinking about it. 🙂


Breakfast: 1 egg, greek yogurt and an English muffin.


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It’s a marathon, not a sprint

I am in my head so much lately, and that’s not a good thing.

I KNOW that what I’m doing is going to take time. I realize that what I’ve done to my body over the years happened over the years. It won’t change over night. I KNOW this.

But I find myself getting so upset and second guessing what I’m doing when I see my people post things like “I’m down 20 lbs in 23 days, yay!” Or “Just bought new jeans, 3 sizes smaller than I was 2 months ago, so psyched!”  Or “Omg, I’m under X lbs, I haven’t been there since High School!” I’m not talking about diet ads, etc.. I’m talking about people I know in real life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for THEM. (I truly am!)  It just makes me question why I’m doing things the way I’m doing them though when they’re having so much success in a “quick” amount of time.

Again, I know that what I’m doing will last but DAMMIT. I want results and I want them NOW!

So today, I take a deep breath step so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even funny, to remind myself that what I am doing IS working.

March 2013 to July 2013

March 2013 CroppedJuly 2013 Cropped

December 2013 to February 2014

December 2013 CroppedFebruary 2014 Cropped

March 2013 to February 2014

March 2013 Cropped February 2014 Cropped

photo 1 (2)

THIS is what one year of really freaking hard work looks like.

I need to snap out of it and be happy with how far I’ve come and stop being such a baby about it.

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Weekend Feb 15 -16 2014

Weekends tend to be tough because I just don’t want to cook!  We tend to eat out a lot, but with my recent whip cracking, we aren’t. I was sick this weekend (just a bad cold) so I didn’t make it into the gym either. I also slept in both Saturday and Sunday. So my diaries are messed up. But, I stayed pretty good with calories still. I’ll take it.

Sunday is always especially tough because we go to GMA Kay’s for dinner. She cooks for us every Sunday. This weekend we had sukiyaki.  The sodium is pretty high in this, but everything else is pretty OK for us. It sure is delicious.




As much as I hate Monday, I’m glad to be back to my normal daily routine.

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Valentine’s Day 2014

Started off the day right. 5:15 wake up & in the gym by 6.

I struggle eating so early in the morning. I always have my Spark first thing but when it comes to food, I just don’t want it right when I wake up.  But unless I’m just doing the elliptical or cycle I have to eat something. Especially on the days I lift in the morning.  I was eating a half banana for a while, but B said that wasn’t enough. So I made it a full banana. Sometimes that wasn’t enough either. Lately, I’ve been getting a little dizzy in the mornings about 30 minutes in.

This morning I switched things up a little and had a kiwi + 20 raw almonds. It was pretty good, and it wasn’t too much food so I was comfortable. Plus, my #fmsphotoaday prompt was “Heart” and I made a heart out of the food and used it to post. I always try to be efficient. ha!

pre workout meal

Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

My workout was good this morning. Tough, but good. Just as it should be.

Only did 2 circuits, but they were large(ish) circuits that took the whole hour. I even ran a little this morning. I was actually pretty surprised and happy with myself. I normally go for distance, so I run pretty slow. He wanted me to run at a faster pace. I thought for sure if he had me run at 7, I’d die.  I started at 5.3 and he pretty much nixed that pretty fast.  We kept upping the speed on each set, and by the end I was up to 8.5. Next time I do this, I will start at 8 and go up from there. I felt pretty comfortable which is good, but for such short spurts, I should make myself uncomfortable.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Here’s what we did:

1 minute run, 1 minute bent over rows with 30 lbs, 1 minute squats with 30 lbs, 1 minute run.

Rest 90 seconds and repeat for 3 sets

Next, we got the gray exercise ball….

1 minute standing on floor, hands on ball, roll out to forearms (plank position) and then roll back up to standing

1 minute feet on ball, hands on floor plank position. Tuck feet in to chest rolling ball in (This one was the hardest for me.)

1 minute squats, (30 seconds per leg) single leg with the back leg propped up on the ball.

1 minute push up position on ball. Should do push ups. I did some, but my wrist started hurting pretty bad so I stayed mostly stationary in plank position. Moved around a little as the key to the exercise is balance and strengthing the core.

3 sets total


I told Brandon that I’d rather run all day long than do the ball stuff. And he knows how much I really don’t enjoy running, so it said something about those exercises.  I have such a hard time balancing. My core is so weak still. So much room for improvement though.

When I woke up this morning, I could tell that I was getting sick.  I got through the workout, but I knew it was going to be a LONG day.

Mark and I really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Well, we don’t make a big deal about it. Not sure why, we just don’t. All I want is a card. Truly. Actually, let me clarify. I want whatever shows that he was thinking about me. Could be a text, could be a random “love you” something that’s not forced.  I always feel like Valentine’s Day is forced.

So, we had an agreement, just a card.  I tried to explain to him that I don’t need anything. That he could get me a six pack of beer (haha) and I’d be happy. He took that literally, instead of figuratively and as a result he went out and got me something. Men. (love ya babe!)

BUT what he got for me was perfect. Absolutely perfect!  I showed him a Super Bowl shirt I wanted the other day. We hadn’t bought any yet, because I want something other than what everyone in Maple Valley has.  Weehawk (on Instagram/Facebook) put up a picture the other day of a shirt that I really liked. It goes with my old school looking hat. Love it.  But it is only at Nordstrom and we just don’t get down to the mall. Ever! So imagine my surprise when first of all Mark pulls me upstairs after I got home from the gym this morning and had a gift bag for me. In the bag was “MY” shirt. superbowl shirt

YAY!  ❤

Also in the bag is something that kept me entertained all day


This thing is awesome.  And the card of course was so sweet. I’m a lucky Chick.

I stepped away from my desk at lunch, went to the store and got some meds. And chicken noodle soup.

cold medssoup

Then I put something on FB about being sick and got a message from a friend of mine. He and his Wife went to the Super Bowl (lucky effers) but she was sooooo sick before they left. He told me to go to Super Supplements in MV and get this:

thisll get me well

I remember him putting up posts before they went to NJ about how sick she was, and she was able to get well pretty quickly so I didn’t even question him. I got in my car and went to buy this expensive as hell wonder vitamin. Let’s hope it works! 🙂

I have to take it every 2 hours, so I’m setting a reminder. It’s the only way I’ll stay on point.



While I was at FM earlier, I picked up a couple of the Super Bowl souvenir magazines for Mark for VDay. I pre ordered the DVD, but wanted him to have something fun to look at while he was waiting. He was pretty happy. 🙂

So there you have it. I made it to the gym one time today. I plan on making tomorrow (and maybe Sunday) a rest day. I want to be well for when I kick Mark’s ass at the gym Monday morning.

I’m going to put him through the hell I went through this morning. 🙂



Recap: 2/13/14

Yayyyyy I love Thursday!  It’s almost Friday (always a good mood day!) and it seems like we typically don’t have too much going on… Well, today we did have “Girl Scouts” so I went to the gym a little earlier than normal. (45 min’s on the elliptical)

Instead, I went to Fred Meyer to get stuff for the kids for Valentines Day… My life is soooo full of excitement! haha

Actually, if I’m being honest about today, it was a bit of a tough one. My friend and old co-worker Raquel died a year ago today. It was a complete shock and although we had just a working relationship, our HR department was really small. Working so closely with someone, you become kind of like sisters… And when one dies very unexpectedly at the age of 38? Yeah. Kinda sucks. I went to work that morning like it was any normal morning. Someone came into HR pretty upset, asking “Is it true???” We had no idea what she was talking about until a little while later when we were told that Raquel had passed away the night before.  The next month or so was a complete blur.

I stayed at work with everyone pretty much all day. The 3 of us girls sat in HR while people came to HR for comfort. Comfort from HR? Hmmm… Ironic that they were coming to us for comfort, when WE were probably the ones that needed comforting.  Especially Jaime, she had worked with her the longest. Gah. I could go on forever about that day.  Point is, today kinda sucked because of that. I did a good job of keeping busy and trying to keep my mind off of it but I won’t lie. I cried a few times today.  It’s been a while since I’ve cried.  RIP Raquel. I did tip back a shot for you tonight.  This picture is still on my phone from a text you sent to me NYE. Cheers.


Wow, what a tangent.

Back to the reason I am doing this blog… Health and fitness stuff.

This morning, Mark and I worked out together. Details on MyFitnessPal link.

The gym was PACKED this morning. UGH. I love going at 6 a.m. but this morning SUCKED. I had a plan dammit! And had to mix things up because there just wasn’t room to do what we needed to do in the order I wanted to do it. *Hmphhh*  It was us regulars there, but there were also Biggest Thriver peeps there too. I have nothing against them, I was once a “Thriver” contestant…. I just don’t like people in my way. LOL

But we got it done. My abs were already sore from my Wednesday workout, so this morning just added to that. (just sneezed, btw.. ouch… )  Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, which really means sleeping till 8. 🙂 I don’t plan on going to the gym, but we shall see.

Food wise this weekend…. WE WILL STAY ON TRACK. We’ve been doing so good. I feel GREAT. WE WILL STAY ON TRACK. That is all.

Recap of today:


Almost TGIF!

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Recap: 02/12/14

TGIF! Can’t believe we made it through Hump Day.  Phew! 🙂

I was kinda low on calories today but I think it’s fine because I only made it to the gym once. Not gonna stress about it.

I am down 1.1 lbs though. WOOT!  I do not like to focus on that number, but I will admit that it is motivating.  I’ve lost 30 lbs in the past year. Sometimes it feels like I’ve lost a lot more, sometimes a lot less.  Some days I feel great, some days I feel like I don’t even want to leave the house after I look at myself in the mirror. I’m working on that. I want to feel confident, but I’ve had such self confidence issues for so many years, it’s hard to change.  Just like gaining and losing weight – I didn’t gain it overnight, I won’t lose it overnight either. Baby steps. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.. Whatever cliche’ you choose to say.

Worked out with Brandon this morning (workout on the link) and I was already a little sore after yesterday’s workout so today was fun. O____o Sometimes I wonder how I can run 13.1 miles without stopping but struggle doing a quick circuit of lunges, squats, burpees, etc with push ups in between. Sheesh!

But I lived through it. And as Brandon says….  I can complain all I want, but I still need to do it. 🙂  He’s not there to make friends. #Truth.

I took the day off from cardio. Had to register T for GS camp, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take. Since I made my mind up the day before about no cardio today, I stuck with it.

That’s about all for today.  Going to try to get a good nights sleep. We’ve been relying on melatonin a lot lately and I’m sure it’s not horrible for us but I feel like I should probably take a break from it for a while. Maybe……


p.s… Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet, precious Hannah Bella Kitty! ❤


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Begin Plyo for a few weeks

Back to Plyo for a few weeks.  I have a love/hate relationship with Plyo. Everything seems like it should be so easy. That is, until you are doing it. You’d have no idea I was a gymnast in school after watching me try to balance on one foot. Although, I must say… Today was much easier than when I did it the first round. Proof that I am getting stronger. 🙂

Here’s what Mark and I did today:

Plyo 4

Leg press machine single leg no weight 15 each leg

Lunges no weight 15 out, 15 back

3 sets

Bosu ball and mat:

Lay on back, foot on ball, single leg bring back x 15 each leg

Standing single leg stationary lunges with back foot on the bosu ball. 15 each leg

Plank position, hands on ground, feet on ball. Take left leg to floor then back to the ball, then right leg to the floor, then back to the ball, etc…. 10 each side (or count to 20)

3 sets

Incline sit up chair wth 8 lb ball. Bounce ball each side 3×30

Bosu Ball and bench + 10 lbs

Kneel on bosu ball, sit tall. Single arm press x 10 each side

Plank with single foot on ball, elbows on bench, bring ball to chest x 10 each side

Size plank, no ball. Raise hip to sky and squeeze x 10 each side

2 sets (was supposed to be 3, but we ran out of time)


My post work out meal/breakfast was a bit bigger than usual today. It’s weird to say, but I’m choking it down. So good but so filling.  500 calories, 94 carbs, 12 g fat and 15 g protein including the half banana and Spark pre work out.  Low on protein and high on carbs – seems to be a better pre work out meal but ooh well. I am not focusing on that too much.

Post workout

So, my plan for the rest of the day is to stay on track with my food plan (shouldn’t be an issue) and since Mark is running tonight, I don’t have to wait for him to get home before I go to the gym. Will aim for around 4 or 4:30. Seems like it might be a good day for cycle. 🙂

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Recap: 02/11/14

Another good day!

Work’s been busy – The hardest part about that is I’m stuck to my chair. ( I love my job so that’s OK )

It makes for sore muscles by the end of the day though. I have been working on stretching more.

During my runs, I’ve noticed after 6 or so miles my hammies and calves starting to tighten up. I injured my hamstring a few months back and it seems like it took forever to get back to where I am now.  Brandon put together some great exercises that really helped me get back to normal.   I have a hard time figuring out if any pain I feel while lifting, etc. is “normal” or a “warning”…….

Today’s exercise was the plyo this morning and this afternoon, an hour of elliptical this afternoon. (5.4 miles) I had planned on cycling, but changed my mind when “my” machine was open. Plus, I had been sitting all freaking day, so I wanted to stretch a little. 🙂

Nothing more to say really so let’s just get to my food for the day and some foodp0Rn below… 🙂


Morning Snack:

morning snack


dinner 021114

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Recap: 02/10/14

So I made the mistake of not pre entering my food today.

Normally,  I enter everything in first thing in the morning or the night before. This allows me to add or subtract food where needed to make sure that I’m right on with my macros. I tend to be very efficient with regards to what I’m going to eat. Sometimes it comes and bites me in the ass.

Click on the link below for details.

My issue was that when it was dinner time, I still had almost 1000 calories left to eat, and I wasn’t close to being hungry for 1000 calories.

I need to find ways to add a T of olive oil, or some chia seeds, or those things into our meals. They need to be earlier in the day too.

Normally we have popcorn in the evening. I’m cutting it down, as I have a feeling it’s contributing to my stall….

We will see. 🙂 Work in progress!




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Weekly plan:

Lifting: 6 weeks full on lifting, then 4 weeks plyo. Will be using mostly the workouts Brandon and I have been working on for several months now. I’ll be getting those uploaded here soon.

Cardio: As much as I despise cardio, it’s a necessary evil for my Half Marathon trainings. I get a lot of shit about how much I go to the gym (more on that in a separate post)  I do a lot of cardio because it helps with my running. I will be working on finding the right amount per week.

Right now, this is what is best for me:

Monday morning: Lift with Mark (6-7 a.m.)

Monday afternoon: Cardio with Mark (6-7 p.m.)

Tuesday morning: Lift with Mark (6-7 a.m.)

Tuesday afternoon: Cardio – Elliptical or Cycle

Wednesday morning: Lift with Brandon until my sessions are gone, then with Mark (6-7 a.m.)

Wednesday afternoon: Cardio – Elliptical, Cycle, Run or combo of all 3

Thursday morning: Lift with Mark (6-7 a.m.)

Thursday afternoon: Cardio – Elliptical or Cycle

Friday morning: Lift with Brandon until my sessions are gone, then with Mark (6-7 a.m.)

Friday evening: Either Cardio – Elliptical or Cycle or REST

Saturday morning: RUN. Outside.

Sunday: TRY to REST 🙂  haha Yeah. Right.

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