Recap: 2/13/14

Yayyyyy I love Thursday!  It’s almost Friday (always a good mood day!) and it seems like we typically don’t have too much going on… Well, today we did have “Girl Scouts” so I went to the gym a little earlier than normal. (45 min’s on the elliptical)

Instead, I went to Fred Meyer to get stuff for the kids for Valentines Day… My life is soooo full of excitement! haha

Actually, if I’m being honest about today, it was a bit of a tough one. My friend and old co-worker Raquel died a year ago today. It was a complete shock and although we had just a working relationship, our HR department was really small. Working so closely with someone, you become kind of like sisters… And when one dies very unexpectedly at the age of 38? Yeah. Kinda sucks. I went to work that morning like it was any normal morning. Someone came into HR pretty upset, asking “Is it true???” We had no idea what she was talking about until a little while later when we were told that Raquel had passed away the night before.  The next month or so was a complete blur.

I stayed at work with everyone pretty much all day. The 3 of us girls sat in HR while people came to HR for comfort. Comfort from HR? Hmmm… Ironic that they were coming to us for comfort, when WE were probably the ones that needed comforting.  Especially Jaime, she had worked with her the longest. Gah. I could go on forever about that day.  Point is, today kinda sucked because of that. I did a good job of keeping busy and trying to keep my mind off of it but I won’t lie. I cried a few times today.  It’s been a while since I’ve cried.  RIP Raquel. I did tip back a shot for you tonight.  This picture is still on my phone from a text you sent to me NYE. Cheers.


Wow, what a tangent.

Back to the reason I am doing this blog… Health and fitness stuff.

This morning, Mark and I worked out together. Details on MyFitnessPal link.

The gym was PACKED this morning. UGH. I love going at 6 a.m. but this morning SUCKED. I had a plan dammit! And had to mix things up because there just wasn’t room to do what we needed to do in the order I wanted to do it. *Hmphhh*  It was us regulars there, but there were also Biggest Thriver peeps there too. I have nothing against them, I was once a “Thriver” contestant…. I just don’t like people in my way. LOL

But we got it done. My abs were already sore from my Wednesday workout, so this morning just added to that. (just sneezed, btw.. ouch… )  Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

I am looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, which really means sleeping till 8. 🙂 I don’t plan on going to the gym, but we shall see.

Food wise this weekend…. WE WILL STAY ON TRACK. We’ve been doing so good. I feel GREAT. WE WILL STAY ON TRACK. That is all.

Recap of today:


Almost TGIF!


2 comments on “Recap: 2/13/14

  1. I didn’t know about your friend…I am so sorry, and there I am wigging out on you at Starbucks! Sorry 😦 Let’s do it this weekend, we GOT THIS!!! 🙂

    • Oh silly, you’re fine! I was really glad to get away from my desk for a while so thank you. And I’m really glad you were ok! 🙂
      We’ve definitely got this. It’s going to be a GREAT week!! 🙂
      *chugs water to get over being sick* LOL!

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