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Valentine’s Day 2014

Started off the day right. 5:15 wake up & in the gym by 6.

I struggle eating so early in the morning. I always have my Spark first thing but when it comes to food, I just don’t want it right when I wake up.  But unless I’m just doing the elliptical or cycle I have to eat something. Especially on the days I lift in the morning.  I was eating a half banana for a while, but B said that wasn’t enough. So I made it a full banana. Sometimes that wasn’t enough either. Lately, I’ve been getting a little dizzy in the mornings about 30 minutes in.

This morning I switched things up a little and had a kiwi + 20 raw almonds. It was pretty good, and it wasn’t too much food so I was comfortable. Plus, my #fmsphotoaday prompt was “Heart” and I made a heart out of the food and used it to post. I always try to be efficient. ha!

pre workout meal

Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

My workout was good this morning. Tough, but good. Just as it should be.

Only did 2 circuits, but they were large(ish) circuits that took the whole hour. I even ran a little this morning. I was actually pretty surprised and happy with myself. I normally go for distance, so I run pretty slow. He wanted me to run at a faster pace. I thought for sure if he had me run at 7, I’d die.  I started at 5.3 and he pretty much nixed that pretty fast.  We kept upping the speed on each set, and by the end I was up to 8.5. Next time I do this, I will start at 8 and go up from there. I felt pretty comfortable which is good, but for such short spurts, I should make myself uncomfortable.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Here’s what we did:

1 minute run, 1 minute bent over rows with 30 lbs, 1 minute squats with 30 lbs, 1 minute run.

Rest 90 seconds and repeat for 3 sets

Next, we got the gray exercise ball….

1 minute standing on floor, hands on ball, roll out to forearms (plank position) and then roll back up to standing

1 minute feet on ball, hands on floor plank position. Tuck feet in to chest rolling ball in (This one was the hardest for me.)

1 minute squats, (30 seconds per leg) single leg with the back leg propped up on the ball.

1 minute push up position on ball. Should do push ups. I did some, but my wrist started hurting pretty bad so I stayed mostly stationary in plank position. Moved around a little as the key to the exercise is balance and strengthing the core.

3 sets total


I told Brandon that I’d rather run all day long than do the ball stuff. And he knows how much I really don’t enjoy running, so it said something about those exercises.  I have such a hard time balancing. My core is so weak still. So much room for improvement though.

When I woke up this morning, I could tell that I was getting sick.  I got through the workout, but I knew it was going to be a LONG day.

Mark and I really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Well, we don’t make a big deal about it. Not sure why, we just don’t. All I want is a card. Truly. Actually, let me clarify. I want whatever shows that he was thinking about me. Could be a text, could be a random “love you” something that’s not forced.  I always feel like Valentine’s Day is forced.

So, we had an agreement, just a card.  I tried to explain to him that I don’t need anything. That he could get me a six pack of beer (haha) and I’d be happy. He took that literally, instead of figuratively and as a result he went out and got me something. Men. (love ya babe!)

BUT what he got for me was perfect. Absolutely perfect!  I showed him a Super Bowl shirt I wanted the other day. We hadn’t bought any yet, because I want something other than what everyone in Maple Valley has.  Weehawk (on Instagram/Facebook) put up a picture the other day of a shirt that I really liked. It goes with my old school looking hat. Love it.  But it is only at Nordstrom and we just don’t get down to the mall. Ever! So imagine my surprise when first of all Mark pulls me upstairs after I got home from the gym this morning and had a gift bag for me. In the bag was “MY” shirt. superbowl shirt

YAY!  ❤

Also in the bag is something that kept me entertained all day


This thing is awesome.  And the card of course was so sweet. I’m a lucky Chick.

I stepped away from my desk at lunch, went to the store and got some meds. And chicken noodle soup.

cold medssoup

Then I put something on FB about being sick and got a message from a friend of mine. He and his Wife went to the Super Bowl (lucky effers) but she was sooooo sick before they left. He told me to go to Super Supplements in MV and get this:

thisll get me well

I remember him putting up posts before they went to NJ about how sick she was, and she was able to get well pretty quickly so I didn’t even question him. I got in my car and went to buy this expensive as hell wonder vitamin. Let’s hope it works! 🙂

I have to take it every 2 hours, so I’m setting a reminder. It’s the only way I’ll stay on point.



While I was at FM earlier, I picked up a couple of the Super Bowl souvenir magazines for Mark for VDay. I pre ordered the DVD, but wanted him to have something fun to look at while he was waiting. He was pretty happy. 🙂

So there you have it. I made it to the gym one time today. I plan on making tomorrow (and maybe Sunday) a rest day. I want to be well for when I kick Mark’s ass at the gym Monday morning.

I’m going to put him through the hell I went through this morning. 🙂



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