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I’m so upset right now.
For a while, I struggled with neck and shoulder pain. It was all related to strain in my neck. Poor posture, my weight, etc…
I went to Physical Therapy for a while and have been doing much better.

Then I strained my hamstring. But Brandon was awesome with showing me some great exercises to strengthen my hamstring muscles, and things are much better there. Still very tight but that’s a different story.

Then, my elbows started hurting. Actually, it’s the tendons that start at the elbow and go down the under(ish) side of my forearms, eventually attaching to my pinky and ring fingers. Mostly related to typing on my computer all day. I can’t do anything that requires me grabbing whatever I’m grabbing from the top, with my fingers. Bicep curls hurt, rows hurt, cleans hurt, ab roll outs hurt. If I don’t rest them, everything hurts! I know that I just need to rest for a while to let them heal, but it’s hard. I don’t understand the rest word.

I’ve been doing a month of “plyo” type exercises, or mostly body weight stuff with the bosu ball and exercise ball, etc. and then going back to straight lifting. (My favorite) so today being March 1st I was really excited to go to the gym this morning to start my month of lifting.

Got through my bench presses and rows just fine.
Grabbed the ab roll out wheel and started doing my dead lifts. Both went fine. On my 3rd set, I decided to just do my ab roll outs with the deadlift bar. I don’t know why I didn’t just leave well enough alone.

When I rolled out, my hands were far apart, different then they were with the wheel. Also, the wheel weighs a few lbs. I had a bar with weights on it now, totaling 135 lbs. I’d done this before, lots but for some reason, I rolled out and heard the crunch starting in my shoulder, felt it pulling out of its socket and it was fucking STUCK. I went down on my elbows, sat up, popped the damn shoulder back in and have no idea how I didn’t start crying.
I waited a couple minutes, stood up and finished my 4th set of dead lifts but decided I was done with the ab roll outs.

I ended up going over to the smith machine and did some reverse grip inverted rows, push ups and dips. A little pain but not too much.
Then I did some single leg presses and lunges. I planned on doing some decline bench sit ups but my shoulder was toast.

I took ibuprofen thru the day. Had a party to go to, so I didn’t ice.
Now, I’m laying in bed with an ice pack and it’s hit me. I think I really did hurt myself. This is going to be a step back and I’m NOT happy about that. My range of motion is fucked and I hope that I can use the same exercises I used before from the PT, and that I didn’t tear something. I would imagine if I tore something that it would hurt worse, but then again, the hospital did try to send me home when I was in labor with my Daughter because I handled the pain so well. Ugh!

So, now I figure out a plan. I may have to stick with the plyo stuff for this month. If push ups don’t hurt too much, and (ICK) burpees, then that’s what I’m gonna have to do.

I can’t go backwards. I just can’t. Not when I’ve been making so much progress. 😦


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